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Just a merry comm devoted to all final fantasy fiction, be it het, yaoi or yuri or gen, any pairings allowed. We like NC-17 fic, but you are allowed to make it harmless and fluffy. Kingdom Hearts is allowed as long as the central pairing contains one Final Fantasy character.
1. All fiction must contain at least one final fantasy character - Kingdom Hearts fans: Yes you can include the Kingdom Hearts version of FF characters i.e. Leon x Axel is a valid pairing. Our recommendation for those who are interested pure KH slash is khyaoi
2. Please include somewhere in your post (either in the header or the body) the rating and pairing.
3. Tags are optional - We don't insist you use them, especially since we are currently a small comm but they will be useful in the future when members wish to flick through older entries.
4. No trolling or flaming - If you think someone's fiction is bad, be diplomatic about it. Constructive criticism is your friend.
5. Have fun!
sarkywoman - Creator and fiction writer extradionaire
moonbladeangel - Would-be fiction writer and aspiring graphics ARTEEST!

Please feel free to contact either of us at our personal LJs or email moonbladeangel